Explosive situation in Pakistan with the announcement to expel 39 lakh Afghans

– A Bell Muje Mar: Pakistan’s decree is sure to be an internal war, Pakistan will be stuck in yet another problem.

– The caretaker government of Pakistan has threatened that if the Afghans living in Pakistan do not go back to their country by November 1, Pakistan will deport them. Out of the 26 suicide terrorist attacks in Pakistan since January, 14 attacks involved Afghans, so if peace is desired in Pakistan, there is no escape without removing the Afghans. Afghanistan has said that, until the Afghans leave Pakistan voluntarily, Pakistan cannot stop them, so Pakistan has to tolerate them. According to international law, Pakistan is obliged to host Afghans.

The government of Pakistan held Afghans responsible for the terrorist attacks in Pakistan and ordered all Afghans living in Pakistan to return to their country Afghanistan by November 1, the situation has become explosive. Both Pakistan and Afghanistan are starving countries. Neither of them want extra men there themselves so have come face to face.

There has been a conflict between Pakistan and Afghanistan since the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, but due to Pakistan’s decree, war is now raging between the two. Rather, there is a strong possibility that an internal war will break out due to the confrontation between the Pakistani Army and the Afghans in Pakistan itself, as the Taliban government of Afghanistan has also taken an aggressive stance.

The caretaker government of Pakistan has threatened that if the citizens of Afghanistan living in Pakistan do not return to their country by November 1, Pakistan will deport them and put them in Afghanistan. The talk of Pakistan has created confusion because Pakistan has not said anything on the issue of whether the people who live in Pakistan seeking asylum will be threatened or not. If Pakistan wants to deport those people too, a new divide will be created because according to international law, no government can deport people who are seeking asylum. After Russia sent its army to Afghanistan in the 1980s, Muslim fundamentalists began attacking the Russian military. Due to this, the situation like Jungle Raj in Afghanistan has been created, since the Afghan people are fleeing to Pakistan. According to United Nations statistics, 1.3 million Afghans have sought asylum in Pakistan so far and are officially staying as refugees.

Apart from this, 8.80 lakh people have sought asylum but no decision has been taken by the Government of Pakistan, but since the United Nations has also recognized them as hopeless, legally those people have also got the right to stay in Pakistan. Among them, 6 lakh people are those who have come to Pakistan after the US army left Afghanistan and the rule of the Taliban came.

Pakistan says that apart from this, another 17 lakh Afghans have also entered Pakistan and are staying in Pakistan illegally. These Afghans are Taliban men and their job is to incite terrorism in Pakistan. There have been 26 suicide terrorist attacks in Pakistan since January. According to Sarfraz Bugti, the Interior Minister of the Interim Government of Pakistan, out of these 26 terrorist attacks, 14 Afghans were involved in the attacks, so if peace is desired in Pakistan, there is no way out without removing the Afghans.

Afghanistan has termed it a lie that its citizens are responsible for suicide bomb attacks in Pakistan and said that Pakistan itself is suffering the consequences of nurturing terrorism. Pakistan is blaming Afghanistan for not controlling the terrorists.

Afghanistan has not directly refused to take back the Afghan citizens who were deported by Pakistan but has indirectly said by invoking the international law that we do not want these citizens back, keep them, feed them and nurture them. Zabibullah Mujihad, the spokesperson of the Taliban government of Afghanistan, has said in clear words that Pakistan cannot stop the Afghan citizens until they leave Pakistan voluntarily, so Pakistan will have to tolerate them. According to international law, Pakistan is obliged to host people from Afghanistan.

Due to Afghanistan’s harsh attitude, Pakistan’s condition has become like a betel nut in the middle of a sod. Pakistan has given an ultimatum, but if Afghanistan does not accept them, the question of where to send those people has come up. According to the statistics provided by Pakistan, there are about 39 lakh Afghans in Pakistan. Deporting such a large number of people is no small feat.

If Pakistan picks up a few and places them in the border of Afghanistan and the Afghan army does not allow them to enter, war will break out on the border itself. There are many of these Afghans who used to fight against the Taliban but have fled fearing the coming of the Taliban regime. It means that all of them are not less than terrorists. As Pakistan says, if the Taliban men are in large numbers, it will not come out easily either. If they are forced, they may take up arms. In those circumstances, a war may break out in Pakistan itself. Considering that Pakistan has an army of 9 lakh soldiers, the entire army has to be thrown against the Afghans. In short, Pakistan has threatened, but by threatening, it has filled itself.

Pakistan is responsible for this condition of Pakistan because in the last three-four decades, Pakistan has nurtured terrorists from all over the world. After Russia sent its army to Afghanistan, when terrorists from all over the world came down to fight against it, Pakistan became their base. The same terrorists created the Taliban and created the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Taliban (PTT), which is planning to establish a Taliban regime in Pakistan, which has made the life of the people of Pakistan haram by imposing black tax.

Pakistan really wants to get rid of PTT terrorists but it does not have the strength to eliminate them, so it has made Afghans a target. However, Pakistan is not involved in that either. Rather, Pakistan’s problems will increase, violence will increase and terrorism will also increase.

Pakistani insolence saved the refugees until help arrived

Ordering Afghan nationals to leave Pakistan by November 1, 2023 is yet another example of Pakistan’s ineptitude and cowardice. After the 9/11 attacks, the US invaded Afghanistan, creating chaos and anarchy in Afghanistan. At that time, Pakistan welcomed the people leaving Afghanistan with a green light and kept them because there was pressure from America.

America’s target was Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. The Taliban was helping Al Qaeda so the US attacked to oust them from power. Due to this attack, the citizens of Afghanistan did not have to suffer, so Pakistan kept the people coming from Afghanistan at the behest of America. Registered them as destitutes and extorted huge sums of money from America to help them.

Pakistan used to take this help until the American army left Afghanistan last year. Pakistan also extorted money from Muslim countries in the name of the destitute, but as America’s help stopped, the destitute began to feel burdened, so Pakistan wanted to threaten them.

Taliban wants to separate Pakhtunwala from Pakistan

Pakistan is administratively divided into four provinces namely Balochistan, Punjab, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Pashtunwala is also called Pakhtunwala. Islamabad and a number of tribal areas along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border are Federal Capital Territories that are administered directly from Islamabad. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has a majority of Pashtun Pathans but also a large number of refugees from Afghanistan. As there are tribes in the area, even the Pakistani army cannot go, so the Taliban have infiltrated and dominated. Pakistan is infuriated because the Taliban want to separate Khyber Pakhtunkhwa from Pakistan and merge it into Afghanistan. Pakistan wants to exterminate the tribals by sending its army but it is not enough so Afghanistan is getting angry on the desperadoes.

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