Dubai news : Dubai is best for family trip, many activities are free for kids – Gujarati News | Dubai news Best Tourism Places of Dubai where to have fun with kids – Dubai news Best Tourism Places of Dubai where to have fun with kids

Dubai is a perfect family holiday destination with world-class children’s attractions, beautiful and tall buildings and lots of fun and adventure. Where everyone from adults to children can enjoy. If you are planning to come here then don’t miss some of the places here.

Dubai news : Dubai is best for family trip, many activities are free for children

Best Tourism Places of Dubai

Dubai News: Dubai means tall buildings, clean beaches, big cars running on roads and much more. Dubai is called the ‘city of dreams’. Dubai is known for its unique and magnificent architecture. Dubai’s biggest attraction is the tallest in the world 163 storey building Burj Khalifa is By coming to Dubai, you can experience many places at once.

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There are many options here for desert and beach lovers, but if you like cool places, there is provision for that too. If you are planning to travel somewhere abroad with your family, then nothing can be better than Dubai, especially with kids. Let’s know about some such places which are best for traveling with kids.

The Dubai Mall

Dubai is an excellent shopping destination. There are not just one or two but many malls here, but the most famous is the Dubai Mall. You have rarely seen such a mall. You can start your trip to Dubai with kids from Dubai Mall. Although it takes at least a day to fully visit this mall, you can come here and enjoy many activities at once.

The route to Burj Khalifa goes from Dubai Mall. So first visit the Burj Khalifa, then visit the aquarium in the mall and then enjoy shopping and dining in the mall. There are many places to eat here, where you can enjoy the flavors of India and abroad.

Dubai Aquarium

Another exciting place for kids in Dubai Mall itself is the Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. In this underwater aquarium and zoo, you get to see around 65,000 sea creatures, which is truly amazing. Seeing and learning about different species of animals and birds will be an experience for children. Even if you can’t buy a ticket for it, you can still get a good view of it while walking around the mall.

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is one of the most spectacular places in the city. Even in a hot city like Dubai, you can still enjoy the cool weather. Not only children but also adults can enjoy themselves completely by coming here. The temperature of Ski Dubai, built in the Mall of the Emirates, has been kept at minus 2 degrees. It is not possible to stay here even for a second without warm clothes.

Spread over approximately 22,500 square meters, this place is not only a paradise for adventure lovers, there are also many options for children to enjoy. So don’t miss the opportunity to come and ski here. Where there is an opportunity to ski with complete safety and if you don’t want to ski you can enjoy a walk in the snow park. There is also a penguin show in the evening, which is a very special attraction here, so don’t miss the chance to experience it.

3D Blacklight Minigolf

Another activity you can enjoy here with kids is the 3D Blacklight Minigolf. This experience will also be very different and enjoyable for them. You can even take a shot at this minigolf with the kids.

So instead of Thailand, Mauritius, Maldives or Bali, plan Dubai with your kids if you want to make their first trip memorable.

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