Depression has a close relationship with milk, this kind of change in food is necessary in stressful situations

Updated: Sep 26th, 2023

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Ahmedabad. 26 September 2023 Tuesday

Depression and anxiety are increasing rapidly in the world due to fast lifestyle. Be it work stress, relationship stress or competition stress, all these things are having a direct impact on mental health. This is the reason why doctors advise to focus on mental fitness along with physical fitness. In mental fitness you can get rid of depression and stress by making some changes in your diet. According to some recent studies, if you want to avoid problems like depression and stress, adding milk to your diet is beneficial.

How beneficial is drinking milk in depression?

Recently, a study related to this said that consumption of dairy products containing vitamin D is beneficial for relieving stress or depression. Nutrients found in dairy products help ward off mental disorders. Along with this, deficiency of vitamin D in the body has a bad effect on mental fitness. Meanwhile, if the body is not provided with enough vitamin D, mental illness such as stress, depression, anxiety etc. will benefit. Milk does not directly affect depression but the vitamin D in it is proven to help ward off the risks of depression.

Eating carrots will also benefit

According to health experts, not only milk but also consumption of carrots reduces the symptoms of depression. The beta carotene found in carrots helps in depression and also improves mental fitness.

Green leafy vegetables are also beneficial

Folate, found in green leafy vegetables, has been shown to help ward off depression. The nutrients found in these vegetables relieve stress and mental illness. So green leafy vegetables should be included in daily diet.

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