Dengue vs Mumbai app to make Mumbai dengue free Dengue vs Mumbai app to make Mumbai dengue free

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  • Clarification of origin of mosquito from 18 question answer points in the app

Dengue and Malaria are mainly mosquito-borne diseases. To prevent these diseases, the municipality often gives instructions to destroy the breeding grounds of mosquitoes. However, there is no effort from Mumbaikars to destroy the breeding ground of mosquitoes. Considering this experience, now the municipal administration has decided to take the help of the app. This app is named as Dengue Versus Mumbai (Mumbai Against Dengue).

The participation of common citizens is very important to prevent the spread of any disease. Many people do not know the exact reasons for how dengue-spreading mosquitoes are prepared. The spread of disease is caused by the spawning of these mosquito eggs in water that has been preserved for several days in any form. This public education can be imparted through new technology. So this app will be useful for the people of Mumbai, said the executive health officer of the municipality. Daksha Shah expressed in this regard while giving information. Dengue vs Mumbai app is available on Android and iOS phones. This app has been prepared with the aim of creating public awareness among Mumbaikars by providing information about the source of mosquitoes in their homes and premises as well as within their workplaces. Information will be provided so that preventive measures can be taken.

What’s in this app?
The app contains information about what items to remove from the house, premises so that water is not stored in monsoon or any other form. 18 questions have been given to test whether things or water are stored in places where water is stored or where mosquitoes breed. Citizens will have to answer it. If less points are obtained after answering, it will be clear that the source of dengue-spreading mosquito is in the concerned person or society so that prevention measures can be planned. Volunteers from Voluntary Organizations can also be recruited for removal of debris, tyres, tarpaulin and treatment where necessary during monsoon. All societies and commercial complexes have been instructed to take necessary precautions to prevent mosquito breeding in their premises.

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