Dengue and Viral Fever in Manavadar Panthak! | Dengue and Viral Fever in Manavadar Panthak!

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  • A mixed season of morning dew, afternoon heat and night chill aggravated the disease

A rampant spread of diseases like dengue, viral fever is being seen in Manavadar. Meanwhile, government and private hospitals are overflowing with patients. Especially people are suffering from viral infection due to the mixed environment of fog in the morning, heat in the afternoon and cold at night.

So now the mosquito infestation is increasing in the city and a dangerous disease like mosquito borne dengue has also raised its head. Talking about it, about 700 OPDs are being registered in the government hospital every day. So the private sector is also overflowing with patients. Many patients are admitted. At present, when mosquito-borne diseases like dengue have taken over, patients are seeing cases of platelet count going down in the blood.

It is very important for people to maintain social distance

Currently due to the mixed season, there has been a significant increase in the cases of viral fever and due to which the symptoms of fever, chills and cough are observed, it is necessary to maintain social distance to reduce this infection even among people.

Measures to prevent diseases like dengue

Install mosquito nets in the windows and doors of the house, do not keep water containers open, make small children sleep in mosquito nets, wear clothes that cover the whole body, use mosquito incense sticks, incense in houses.

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