Cold drinks are very harmful to children, even by mistake

Nowadays, be it home, office or party, people are seen drinking cold drinks everywhere. But do you know that cold drinks are very harmful for health. If we talk about children then they should not be given cold drinks at all. Since it is high in sugar, it can have a bad effect on the health of children. Drinking cold drinks can increase blood sugar in children, as well as increase body fat. So let’s know what harm can be caused by drinking cold drinks in children.

Rapid weight gain
A cold drink is a type of energy drink, which contains almost no nutrients. Children may become obese if they consume too much of it. Apart from obesity, high sugar levels in cold drinks can also cause serious diseases like diabetes.

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It affects the brain
Cold drinks also affect children’s brains. Children become sluggish and have mood swings in addition to headaches. It is also believed that cold drinks cause an imbalance in the neurochemistry of developing brains in children.

Harmful to the stomach
Fizzy cold drinks affect the acid-alkaline balance of children’s stomach. When the acidic content in the stomach increases, it can cause inflammation in the intestines. Apart from this, problems like abdominal pain, chest pain and frequent belching may occur. Apart from this, cold drinks keep children’s stomach full for a long time, thereby reducing their appetite.

Drink these drinks to children
Children can be given normal water to drink. This will quench the thirst of the children and keep them hydrated. You can also give children lemonade, lemon water, juice, shikanji, fruit cocktail, sugarcane juice and coconut water. All these are very beneficial for health.

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