China gives a blow to friend Pakistan, refuses to approve new plans

Beijing-Islamabad, 03-October-2023, Tuesday

Pakistan is currently facing 3 major crises, keeping these things in mind, China has given a big blow to its friend Pakistan… Currently Pakistan is facing a serious economic crisis, besides the political situation there is also going haywire… Not only that. While questions are also being raised against political security in Pakistan, China has refused to allow new projects in Pakistan considering these three threats.

China refuses to allow new projects in Pakistan

Thus, the friendship between China and Pakistan is said to be eternal. The most ambitious project for China is the ‘China-Pakistan Economic Corridor’ which is being built as part of the ‘Belt and Road Project’. However, now China’s disillusionment with this project in Pakistan has broken. A recent report claims that China has refused to approve new projects in Pakistan due to political instability and security concerns. Along with this, the proposals of the new Belt and Road project have been rejected.

Ignoring Pakistan’s suggestions in the decision-making body meeting on the corridor

A meeting of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor’s preliminary decision-making body was held, in which it was decided that Pakistan’s suggestions regarding expanding the scope of this corridor would not be approved. The report claims that China has rejected Pakistan’s proposal to build a 500 kilovolt transmission line, jeopardizing the project to connect Karachi to Gwadar port with the electricity grid.

Terrorism in Pakistan caused China to collapse?

China has urged Pakistan to drop its objections to a 400 MW coal-fired power plant in Gwadar over the transmission line project… and advocated the use of domestic coal to keep the project afloat. The report also mentions the disparity between the draft shared by Pakistan with China and the draft signed by both sides. This states that Pakistan is facing political upheaval after the fall of former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government in April-2022. Also, security concerns remain… Terrorists have often targeted Chinese interests. Chinese engineers are being attacked… The security situation has worsened due to repeated suicide bombings.

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