Changing the bike oil periodically can make the engine more durable

News of Tuesday, 26th September 2023

Changing the bike oil periodically can make the engine more durable

Bike engine oil quality can be checked with a dip stick

New Delhi: Engine is the most important part of any vehicle. Because it is the engine through which the vehicle gets power and can move forward. An engine is made up of many parts, and engine oil is used to prevent wear and tear between them. If engine oil is not used properly, it can cause wear and tear on the parts.

However, due to continuous driving, the engine oil deteriorates over time and needs to be replaced. In such a situation, you must be thinking many times in your mind that when should we change the engine oil of the bike, so let’s know about some of the signals of the bike that indicate that the oil should be changed now so that the engine oil of the car is better. May life go on.

If your bike’s engine is making more noise than usual, it should be understood that its engine oil needs to be changed. Because this noise can be caused by engine components rubbing against each other. This only happens when it lacks lubrication.

To check the engine oil of the bike, it provides a dip stick, through which you can check the engine oil when your bike is cold. You should touch the engine oil with your hand and if you find it black or runny, it should be changed immediately.

You can also check the bike’s engine oil level with a dip stick. It should not be less than a certain level. In such a situation, if the engine oil level is low, you should refill it.

Engine sensors are now available in many new bikes, allowing you to know the bike’s engine oil status through a warning light on the instrument cluster itself. So that you can change the engine oil on time.

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