Cash transaction is done in fairs, not Google Pay! | Only cash transactions are done in fairs, not Google Pay!

BhujAn hour ago

  • Many people were confused not to keep cash handy

In the digital era, the currency of keeping cash in hand is decreasing. Young people do all small and large purchases online. Cashless transactions are done using Google Pay, Phone Pay or Paytm in digital platforms. Now the fair season has started in Kutch. Big fairs have also made efforts, but in big public festivals like the fair, businessmen do not accept digital cash transactions like Google Pay, so they have to do cash transactions. The picture has been drawn as if the fair believes in cash transactions only.

The youths say that, in the small Yaksha fair that is held in the parts of Bhuj, businessmen from rides do not accept any digital transaction. Earlier, there was a similar picture in the Bhujna mela of the seventh-eighth. It is not that the businessmen do not use Google Pay.

Many people have real bank accounts and use Android mobiles, but it is being discussed in the circles that they prefer cash transactions to avoid being scammed or to hide the true figure of income, due to which the fair-goers have to carry cash.

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