Cancer risk from nonstick pens and hair dye

News of Wednesday, 20th September 2023

Cancer risk from nonstick pens and hair dye

Explanation of the results of the search on more than 10 thousand women

San Francisco dt. 20: Changing lifestyles and eating habits in the world are causing diseases. A survey is finding that PFAS and BPA chemicals found in everyday products such as plastic, nonstick cookware and hair dye have increased the risk of breast, ovarian, skin, and uterine cancer in women. It is used in Teflon pens, waterproof clothing, stain resistant carpets and food packaging. It has reached people. According to findings published in the Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology, women with cancer had significantly higher levels of these chemicals. It is clear that it increases the risk of cancer.

According to another research, women in the world color their hair more. So there is a higher risk of cancer. According to this statistic, up to 80 percent of women use color in many countries. On the other hand, this figure is 10 percent in men. According to experts, do not touch the scalp while dyeing and wash the hair thoroughly with water after drying the dye.

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