Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau made a serious allegation, creating a new controversy

Justin Trudeau sparks controversy by honoring Nazi ideologues from dictator Hitler’s army

Opposition leader Pierre Polivre, who criticized Trudeau over the India-Canada dispute, made serious allegations against the Prime Minister.

Updated: Sep 25th, 2023

Ottawa, Monday, September 25, 2023

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing people’s anger for accusing India… especially opposition leader Pierre Polivre is constantly trying to surround Justin Trudeau. It has been found… PM Justin Trudeau has created a controversy in the Parliament of Canada by honoring a person who believes in the Nazi ideology of Germany’s dictator Hitler’s army… After this performance of Justin Trudeau, Canadian politics has heated up again. When Justin Trudeau honored the man, the entire Parliament of Canada even stood up and saluted the Nazi man… Trudeau has been under heavy criticism since the matter came to light.

What did opposition leader Pierre Polivar say?

“We have learned that Justin Trudeau personally met and honored a veteran of the Waffen Grenadier in a Nazi Division 14… Liberals with Ukrainian President Zelensky,” Canadian Opposition Leader Pierre Poliver wrote on social media. Arranged for this Nazi person to be recognized in the House of Commons after visiting… This is a terrible mistake. Justin Trudeau’s Protocol Office is responsible for handling and screening all guests. ‘

Pierre questioned that, before inviting and honoring a Nazi person in the House of Commons, no MP had the opportunity to investigate the person’s past? Justin Trudeau should make a personal apology in this matter and not shift the blame to others as he has always done…

Pierre also targeted Trudeau over the India-Canada dispute

It is to be mentioned that the leader of the opposition, Pierre Polivre, also criticized Justin Trudeau regarding the ongoing dispute between India and Canada. Pierre targeted Justin Trudeau for not providing any evidence on the allegations made against India. Also supported the Hindu community living in Canada. It may be noted here that Justin Trudeau’s popularity has decreased due to the India-Canada dispute, while Pierre Polivar’s popularity has increased.

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