By Eating 50 Cds Daily You Will Be Protected From Heart Disease

Nowadays, the risk of heart related problems is increasing due to wrong diet and bad lifestyle. Where earlier people used to suffer heart attacks with increasing age, now girls are also suffering from heart related diseases. To prevent this disease, experts recommend first walking 10,000 steps. Now, according to recent research, climbing 50 stairs a day can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease. If you climb and descend 50 stairs a day, your risk of heart disease can be reduced by 20 percent.

Cardiovascular diseases as well as arterial diseases and strokes are taking many lives worldwide. Stair climbing can improve cardio-respiratory fitness and lipid profile. This method is especially effective for people who cannot exercise. This research was done on about 4 lakh 50 thousand youth. The research was done based on the family history and genetic factors of these youngsters.

The risk of heart disease will decrease by 20 percent

Research shows that people who climb more stairs per day have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Apart from this, the chances of heart related diseases will also decrease. During this period, research scientists monitored the youth for 12.5 years. Based on this research, it has been proven that people who regularly climb 50 stairs per day have about 20 percent less risk of heart related diseases.

Climbing stairs is more beneficial than walking straight because it requires more muscle contraction and balance. He said stair climbing involves cardiovascular activity. That is why people who practice stair climbing often experience shortness of breath. When you climb stairs, your heart rate increases and more oxygen is supplied. It reduces the risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke and keeps the heart completely healthy.

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