Billions worth of treasure is in this 300 year old ship… Know where is this unique ship??? – Billions Worth Of Treasure Is In This 300 Year Old Ship Know Where Is This Unique Ship

The treasure worth billions of the 300-year-old ship is yet to be unearthed

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A ship that has been lost in the depths of the ocean for more than 300 years has been discovered. The ship was carrying assets worth billions of rupees. The Colombian Army shared its pictures a few days ago.

Columbia Ship

It was discovered in 2015 by four observation missions that found the wreckage at a depth of about 950 meters. This is the Spanish ship San Jose, sunk off the coast of Colombia. On it were gold, silver, pottery, swords and cannons. His estimated worth is said to be around 17 billion dollars. This is one of the most expensive shipwrecks of all time. These missions were carried out by the Navy under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture, indicating that they are free from human intervention. The cannons loaded on it were half covered with sand. Along with this, tea drinking vessels present on the ships were also seen.

The ship sank in 1708

British ships sank it in 1708. There were 600 people on board, most of whom died. This war was fought to capture the Spanish Empire. It was loaded with 64 cannons, some of which date back to the 1600s. In June, the President of Colombia presented the pictures of this ship to the world. The ship is a source of dispute between Colombia and Spain. However, some South American countries can also claim their rights to it. Because a large part of the gold and silver present in the ship was looted from here.

Columbia wants to build a museum

He left for Spain. Before it was discovered in 2015, it was the target of treasure hunters. Colombia considers the wrecks found in its waters as part of its cultural heritage. Which means items derived from it cannot be sold. Columbia says it will build a museum of the artifacts. Due to its depth these objects are currently very difficult to extract.

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