Atrocities of Japanese soldiers in the city of Nanking.

– China during six weeks after 13 December 1937

– Synopsis d. Bhatt

– Part-5

– Beautiful Chinese girls were sent as headgear to the Japanese soldiers

– Brutal competition to kill the most Chinese in the shortest time..!

Yoshiaki Yoshiaki, a renowned professor of history at Chuo University in the capital of Japan, Tokyo, after researching the archives of the Japanese Defense Agency, revealed the details in 1991 that are extremely shocking and shocking.

After the invasion of Nanking, the West raised an outcry over hundreds of rapes by Japanese soldiers. In response, instead of punishing rapist soldiers, the Japanese high command set up large-scale private “military brothels”.

The Japanese military authorities began implementing plans for the establishment of “Comfort Houses” in central China.

A Japanese history professor notes that Japan set up Comfort Houses (to cover up rapes) after hundreds of shameful incidents of mass rape during the Nanking War, alarmed by the barrage of criticism from China, America and Europe.

In fact these comfort houses were official brothels for Japanese soldiers..!

For a long time, the Japanese army provided these ‘comfort houses’ to the soldiers who were fighting on the battlefield.

Later, when the countries of the world came to know about this, the Japanese government denied this and argued that it was not the Imperial Government of Japan (the government under the supervision of the Emperor of Japan) but private businessmen who were running brothels during the war. But the professor of Tokyo’s Chuo University proved after research that this brothel was run by the Japanese army.

The first official “comfort house” was started in 1938 near the city of Nanking. The condition of women here was so bad that the people of the civilized society could not even imagine.

Japanese soldiers had to bathe and give these women a full body massage after bathing.

The girls of this comfort house were called ‘public toilet’ by the Japanese soldiers in taunt. Hundreds of such women later cut their lives short by committing suicide; Many women died due to occult disease, while many women were shot by the Japanese soldiers themselves.

A scholar named Sheodore Cook of Japan has finally written after a passionate study and research of the warped “mind set” of the Japanese soldiers to such an extent that researching the mind set of the Japanese soldiers in Nanking is as difficult as researching the black holes in space. is

Naturally, no historian or scholar has understood the logic behind the days of rape and brutal murder of women in the Chinese city of Nanking by Japanese soldiers. Because actually there is no logic behind such vile acts other than a “perverted mind set”.

Another most shocking fact is that in Nanking Japanese military officers/soldiers used to have a Chinese killing competition to see who could kill the most Chinese in the shortest time..! The report of this low-level competition was published in the newspaper named “Japan Advertiser” dated December 7, 1937.

One day Second Lieutenant Ono of the Japanese Army said to his subordinate soldiers, “You have not killed anyone today, so let us practice killing today.” You must not think that the Chinese are human, you must think that they are all descended from dogs. Be Brave! Be Brave! Anyone who wants to participate in this killing practice should come forward.

Before the invasion of the Japanese army, Nanking had a population of about one million, but by December 1937, the city’s population had halved.

Although the population of Nanking was now reduced from ten to five hundred thousand, thousands of Chinese from the countryside moved to the city, fearing that the Japanese army would invade, the villagers came to the city for safety.

They thought that there was no one to protect them in the small village, but Nanking had defensive walls all around it, and the large number of police and army personnel in the city would protect them.

But on the thirteenth day of December 1937, after the Japanese established their dominion over Nanking for six weeks, the severe oppression of the men, women and children of Nanking by the Japanese soldiers cannot be compared anywhere else in the world.

The Japanese soldiers in Nanking were subjected to the most vile atrocities that make even the atrocities of Hitler’s Nazi soldiers less heinous. Not only the Chinese prisoners of war, but also the innocent women, men and children of Nanking city, the inhuman oppression of the Japanese soldiers is shocking.

Hundreds of Chinese were buried alive by Japanese soldiers.

The devil-minded Japanese soldiers first dug a huge grave next to the 500 Chinese.

In fact, the devilry of the Japanese was so vile that in the graves they dug for the Chinese, they buried the diggers alive…

In Nanking, their meanness and rudeness did not stop there. In some graves, Chinese civilians were buried whole, but in other smaller graves, Chinese soldiers, civilians, or women were placed inside and then the Hattakatta Chinese prisoners of war were buried either waist-high or neck-deep in soil in such a way that the Chinese standing in the grave could not see their position. Can’t move either way.


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