Assault on driver of Dy.SP in Ambaji In Mahamela, the young man got out of the car and the young man killed him with a single blow of the stick

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During the Mahamela of Bhadravi Poonam in Ambaji, a man from Talod attacked the driver of DySP near Khodiwadli circle. As soon as the jawan left the jeep and came out, a man hit him on the head with a stick. After which he was caught while trying to attack another policeman. The CCTV of the entire incident went viral. In this regard, the police registered a complaint and arrested the youth and took legal action.

The youth later hit the police on the head with a stick

For unknown reasons, the youth attacked the police
Mahamela of Bhadravi Poonam is going on at Yatradham Ambaji. Then this Mahamela is now in the final camp. The fair will conclude tomorrow on September 29. Then on Tuesday there was an attack on a policeman. CCTV of which has come in front. A video on police control point made with Khodivalli Circle in Bhadravi Poonam Mahamela went viral on social media. In which an unknown person is seen attacking a policeman.

Police unconscious on the spot after being hit with a stick

CCTV of attack goes viral
During the Bhadravi Mahamela, the security of lakhs of devotees is an important part. At that time, police personnel are deployed in this fair to protect the devotees. A video of the police control point at Khodivalli circle made during the Mahamela of Bhadravi Poonam has gone viral on social media. In which an unknown person was seen attacking a policeman. In this video, a person can be seen coming from behind and attacking the police van with a stick just as the man leaves the jeep and gets out. The person who attacked the policeman has been identified as Vishal Bhil. The police arrested the accused and took legal action.

Other policemen took swift legal action against the youth

The jawan received three stitches in his head
For some unknown reason, police constable Abdul Latif Jafarkhan Parmar fell unconscious after being hit on the head with a wire covered stick. So he was immediately shifted to a private hospital in Palanpur for treatment. When Abdul Latif Parmar, who had three stitches in his head, filed a complaint at Ambaji police station, the police detained Vishal Bhil and took action.

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