Arms companies equally responsible for Russia and Ukraine wars: Pope Francis

Updated: Sep 24th, 2023

Image Source: Twitter

Vatican, dt. 24 September 2023

Pope Francis has made a shocking statement regarding the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia.

He has said that the world-wide arms manufacturing industry is responsible for the war between Ukraine and Russia. Even if the manufacture of weapons is stopped, my suffering will not end.

When Pope Francis, who is returning from a visit to France, was asked about the war between Russia and Ukraine, he admitted that the efforts made by the Vatican to end the conflict between these two countries through dialogue did not succeed. There are hands behind this war. People of Ukraine are dying because of weapons. Initially, many countries supplied arms to Ukraine, but now these same countries are taking back the arms.

The statement of Pope Francis is also being seen in connection with the announcement of the European country Poland. Recently, Poland said that now we will not give more weapons to Ukraine.

Pope Francis has already come out against arms companies. Such companies have also been called the merchants of death. He said that some countries are now refraining from providing weapons for war.

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