America has helped Ukraine again, announced a military package of 32 billion dollars

Updated: Sep 22nd, 2023

image : Twitter

Washington, 22 September 2023, Friday

President Joe Biden has met with President Zelensky of Ukraine, who has arrived on a visit to America, and now he has also announced to give a big defense package to Ukraine.

Amidst the ongoing war with Russia, Biden has also pledged to defend Ukraine against Russian aggression by announcing a $32 billion military package for Ukraine. A meeting between the two leaders was held yesterday at the White House.

Zelensky said that the people of Ukraine are brave and there is no exaggeration. People have taken a firm resolve to protect their principles and they have inspired the world.

On the other hand, Biden said that America will continue to support Ukraine’s efforts to establish long-term peace in the world. Russia is violating UN resolutions by asking for arms from Russia and North Korea. Moscow has already voted in favor of this resolution.

Biden also announced that America’s largest Abraham tanks will also start to be given to Ukraine from next week. Also, America will help to strengthen Kiev’s air defense system.

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