Ahmedabad will address 20 women sportspersons this evening, the meeting is outlined in the Science City programme Attended Narishakti Vandan program in Ahmedabad, said- the dream of women’s reservation has come true

AhmedabadA few moments ago

PM is visiting Gujarat for two days. He reached Ahmedabad Airport today on Tuesday. In the Narishakti Vandan program, a large number of women gathered to welcome the PM with kesari safa and khes. Greeted by the ladies. CM Bhupendra Patel and CR Patil were present with the PM in the jeep. Women reached the airport to greet the PM after the bill was passed regarding women’s reservation. PM Modi was greeted by women activists in an open jeep at the airport to the meeting venue. PM Modi, Patil and CM were present on stage along with women. PM Modi’s CM Bhupendra Patel, BJP President C.R. Patil, was welcomed by the Mayor of Ahmedabad and women MLAs.

PM Modi addressed women
While bowing to all the mothers and sisters, Modi said, what is a greater blessing than to receive the blessings of the mothers and sisters, before coming here I was present in a program connected with the youth all day. Today I can see the happiness on all of your faces, you did the work for which you entrusted your brother and son. We saw this dream years ago from the land of Gujarat, today I have come with that resolution. As usual you got many rakhis on Rakshabandhan, we have a custom to give gifts in exchange for rakhis. I had already prepared the gift, but was not told before. Narishakti Vandan Act is a guarantee to fulfill the dreams of my sisters. A developed India is guaranteed, if there are women then no one can stop the country from progressing, I wish you all to pass the bill.

There are more than 35 lakh women in the dairy sector
He further said, “Sisters, daughters, you know that justice has not been done to womanhood after independence, what can you expect from it if one hand or leg is tied.” The country cannot develop in this way, political excuses were made on the issue of women’s rights, in Gujarat we conducted many campaigns for women, women were the most affected, we conducted girls’ education campaign for sisters and daughters at social places. Mayor, Day Mayor, Standing and Party Leader all gave one post to a woman, we also gave post to Dalit and tribal community. In Gujarat, we experimented with gender budgeting, increased employment for women, created a government scheme for women, created a women development welfare department for women, there are more than 35 lakh women in the dairy sector. Today millions of women are contributing to forest development. More than 2.5 lakh Sakhi Mandals are functioning in Gujarat, working to provide nutrition to expectant mothers. Saying this, the Prime Minister paused his speech.

What did CM Bhupendra Patel say?
Addressing the gathering, CM Bhupendra Patel said that, if the policy is clear, the determination is good, good work is done, Mr. Modi has worked with policy. Triple talaq, 370 and now reservation all three decisions were made during his tenure. This is a step to develop India with everyone’s efforts in immortality. The commitment to increase women’s participation in democracy has been fulfilled.

What did CR Patil say?
CR Addressing the gathering, Patil saluted all the sisters and said that there are a large number of sisters in the country, the Congress has done injustice to the sisters, they have insulted them many times by bringing the Women’s Reservation Bill. Today all injustice has been removed. It is Modi sir’s policy and mandate, sisters must get benefit. Modi tried to give rights to the sisters of the country, the MPs of every party had to support Modi, if they do not support, they become criminals in the eyes of the sisters, Modi sir has done the work of giving rights to the sisters, you all have come to congratulate, for the first time after the program, Modi is in Ahmedabad. While on tour, the sisters are confident that they will strengthen the hands of Mr. Modi.

A new case was launched
PM Modi has launched a new chapter of Bharatiya Janata Party. A photo of PM Modi is kept on one side of the sash and a photo of Kamal on the other side. Bharatiya Janata Party is written in Hindi.

Only women leaders are allowed on the stage
For a while only women leaders were given a place on the stage. Mahila Morcha President Deepika Sardwa, Asarwa MLA Darshana Vaghela, Naroda MLA Payal Kukrani, Thakkarbapa Nagar MLA Kanchan Radadia, District Panchayat President were given the place. Accompanied by former MLA Pradeep Singh Jadeja and Alpesh Thakor, the venue was packed with women. Women also performed Garba in the program and Sairam Dave made Hanuman Chalish.

Bhavna Dave is the first woman mayor of Ahmedabad.

Today the Prime Minister heard our voice: Bhavna Dave
Bhavna Dave, the first woman mayor of Ahmedabad, was present in this event. We have made demands in the past for 33 per cent reservation, he said. When I was an MP, I went to present to Atalji along with other women MPs. Today the Prime Minister has heard our voice and the 33 per cent reservation bill has come, which we are happy about. Today we have gathered to welcome and greet the Prime Minister.

MLAs were present at the event venue
Women doctors of the Indian Medical Association also arrived to welcome the Prime Minister. Prominent women doctors of the city arrived with banners issuing support for the Women’s Reservation Bill. BJP MLA Babu Jamna, MLA Amit Thakar and leader Narhari Amin were also present in this program.

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