After the cartoon, so many fans or married with a doll: spent millions of rupees!

News of Saturday, 23rd September 2023

After the cartoon, so many fans or married with a doll: spent millions of rupees!

You’ll Be Shocked To Know The Story Of Japanese Man Married To Favorite Cartoon Character: Ever Since Then He’s Promoting The Relationship In A New Way

Tokyo, Date 23: People are not marrying in Japan and the population is shrinking very fast. The number of youth is decreasing and the number of devotees is increasing. Which is not suitable for the economy.

Even so, you will be shocked to know that people are getting married to such things. Recently, a Japanese man fell so in love with a cartoon character that he first bought a life-size doll and then married her.

This man named Akihiko Kondo had been in love with a character for a long time. Now he is married to this character and both of them are now promoting a new type of relationship.

This is the name of the relationship. Fictosexual means a relationship in which a person falls in love with a fictional character and dreams of being with him.

Why marry a cartoon character?? : The Japanese man said that the people were mad at him, A strange and mentally ill person was saying. Because of this he started the Fictosexual Association.

So that people can be shown about this new type of relationship. But he wanted the world to know about this new kind of love. So he got married.

Akihiko is 40 years old and works in the Japanese government. He married the cartoon character doll in 2018. Akihiko spent more than 13 lakh rupees on this wedding. A total of 40 guests attended the wedding.

But his parents refused to come to the wedding. Because he didn’t want to be a part of this kind of marriage. Kondo is now considered to be the father of the ficosexual relationship.

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