Aamir’s daughter Ayra will get married on January 3

Updated: Oct 11th, 2023

– declared Aamir himself

– Aamir admits that he is going to cry a lot while saying goodbye to his daughter that day

Mumbai: Aamir Khan’s daughter Ayra will get married next year. It will be held on 3rd January. She is engaged to boyfriend Nupar Shikre. Now the wedding date. To be held on 3rd January.

Aamir himself announced the date of his daughter’s wedding. Aamir said that Ira’s future husband is a trainer. His real name is Nupur. He has already become a part of our family. I bid farewell to my daughter-in-law with a heavy heart. Aira is the daughter of Aamir and his first wife Reena. Aamir also has a son named Juned from his previous marriage. Aamir is now trying to make Junaid’s career.

Aira has previously come into discussion by making statements that she herself has suffered from depression and that her childhood was not very good.

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