A strict law has been approved in Switzerland, if you wear a veil, you will be fined 91 thousand rupees

Ban on Burqa In Switzerland: A big decision has been made in Switzerland regarding the wearing of veils and face coverings. A new law has been approved in the Parliament regarding this. Under this law, the wearing of veils and face coverings are now prohibited.

Switzerland’s lower house of parliament voted in favor of banning Muslim women from wearing the veil and covering their faces. 151 votes were cast in favor of this bill and 29 against it.

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Under the law that has been approved by the Swiss parliament to ban the wearing of the burqa, fines will be levied against anyone who violates this law in the country. Under this law, the violator will have to pay a compensation of 1 thousand Swiss francs, which is about 91 thousand rupees.

It is necessary to follow this law in public places and private offices. It may be mentioned here that the upper house of the parliament had already approved this law.

After the implementation of this law, women in Switzerland will no longer be able to cover their nose, mouth and eyes with a veil, except in places of worship. Swiss voters approved a proposal to ban the wearing of the niqab and burqa by Muslim women in 2021. Subsequently, many women’s organizations opposed this proposal. Many people called this proposal frivolous, racist and sexist.

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