A single mosquito will not enter the house: Uma will put mosquito nets on the windows and doors of the furniture

Instead of spending money in the hospital after a mosquito bite, spend a small amount on mosquito repellent before

Morbi (Promotional Article): Mosquito borne diseases are on the rise. Dengue and malaria diseases are reported in large numbers every day. So instead of spending money in the hospital after this disease, Uma Furniture has come up with a solution at a nominal cost to avoid this disease.

Uma PVC Furniture is operating on the first floor in Avon Complex near Avni Chowk in Morbi. Where special mosquito nets are also available. Just one phone mosquito net is also installed according to the window and door size. Fitting and delivery is absolutely free.

With this mesh, there will be fresh air circulation in the house 24 hours. In addition to the harmful chemicals that claim to kill mosquitoes, this netting is the single safest way to keep mosquitoes out of your home. Call today.

Uma PVC Furniture
First Floor, Avon Complex,
Avni Chokdi, Morbi
Mo. No. 9687143838

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