A colorful duck with a bouquet: Mandarin Duck

Updated: Oct 13th, 2023

Waterfowl such as mallards, ducks, and geese are mostly white, but colorful ducks such as mandarin ducks are found in Japan and some East Asian countries. This duck is the most beautiful of all duck species. These ducks are 41 to 50 cm long and have a wingspan of 60 to 70 cm.

A pair of mandarin ducks is considered a symbol of love in some Asian countries. Red beak, pink head and white crescent marking above the eyes, colorful tail and body with white tufts on both sides of the head add to its beauty.

Just as the distinctive gait of a duck is its hallmark, the mandarin also lives by waddling and eating fruits and vegetables. Lovers of the beautiful bird also take the mandarin duck to their countries from Asia. So it is found in many countries. This species of duck is not hunted so it is found in large numbers in Japan.

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