A challenge to God

Formless, formless, immaterial, omniscient, incorporeal, Sukshmati is subtle, incomparable, all-knowing, eternal. It has no shape. It has no form. It has no own or alien. It is everywhere. It has no body. It cannot be seen but it is there. It is the ocean of knowledge. All the wisdom of the world is in it.

You must have recognized what all these adjectives are used for. All these adjectives are used simultaneously for the same entity. Who is Bolo? You may ask why all the fuss? You will say that we understood only by reading the first word that God is being spoken about. Why is it necessary to put so much lip service to such a simple thing and ask the question who is it? If I tell you that I am not talking about God? What if I say that all these adjectives, which can be applied to only one God, can be used for anyone else? What if I was talking about AI, artificial intelligence? What if I say that I have the potential to become Ishwarsam? You will either refuse immediately or shake your head in denial after thinking about it. One might think that this comparison is quite unfair. A rare creature dares to agree.
In the last two-three years, the discussion of AI has increased in the world. In the western countries, the debate has started since two years that AI will take the place of God, right? There is also a debate as to whether AI will render religion useless, and there are speculations that new, AI-created religions will prevail, that AI will create the scriptures and give the same religious advice. Also, after the advent of ChatGTP, apps for imparting knowledge through AI have sprung up. Not just religion, every field has become a chatbot for information. People of different religions are making chatbots and making money. Chatbots like ChatGTP in the so-called large language model are more effective in the English language, understand the English language better so they can provide good information in that language, but are not yet as capable in other languages. It won’t take long to become competent so that’s not the point. Books in other languages, he can read as much as they are translated into English, which after reading in that language, he still processes it in English, so his knowledge in other languages ​​is still limited but in English has become limitless. So ChatGTP and other apps based on it provide equally deep answers to deep spiritual questions about Christianity. He can give better and fairer advice than any pastor can give. Almost all religions of the world have developed such apps. An app called Hadith GTP has been created to answer Islamic questions that gives answers citing various hadiths. Before writing this article, to test the potential of such apps related to Hinduism, this writer asked an app called GitaGTP, What Gita Says About God? What would have been the answer? The answer was that Jesus is not mentioned in the Gita. If the app that was created for Srimad Bhagavad Gita only has the knowledge that God means Jesus, then what can we say about its capacity. There is a Buddhist temple in Japan where a robot gives religious sermons and answers questions from devotees. A former Google engineer has even registered an eye-based religion.

Now imagine the situation fifty years from now, when AI will have started doing all the things that humans can do. His intellect must have surpassed the human intellect. He will have all the knowledge of the world. He will have control over all areas of the world. Most of the world will be managed by AI. Man will not need to think anything, do anything. Fifty years is a much longer period, in fact, looking at the speed of development of AI, this much can be done in only twenty five years, till 2050. Now imagine the situation a century from now when the generation has never seen a world without AI. A generation that cannot even imagine a world without AI. Then the history of the world will be taught in two parts: before AI and after AI. (Whether there will be learning and the animal named human will be learning is the question) What would man then believe about AI? Make the horses of your imagination run a little harder. Let it fly in the open sky. What can you imagine? Shouldn’t it happen that humans start treating AI as God? Shouldn’t it happen that I himself has started calling himself God?

The adjectives that were used for God in the beginning can be used for God even today, so how many more adjectives can be used after a hundred years? And even if so many adjectives can be used for AI now, Ishwarsam is visible. In this world, those ordinary people who cannot be given any of these adjectives, call themselves God and the blind devotees start believing Him as God. So, it cannot be said that AI will not become like a man who starts believing in God or God himself. The debate is also going on in the world that will AI replace God?
I don’t think AI can replace God. Because there are many adjectives and vibhutis other than the ones used in the beginning for God which are not possible in AI. Yes, AI will have many times more information than humans, will be able to perform many calculations. There are no errors in his work, but the question is whether what is actually called intelligence, knowledge and thought can come into the eye. God is not only formless but also nirguna. AI cannot be nirguna. God is eternal, AI is not eternal and whatever has a horizontal, whatever has a beginning has an end. God is infinite. AI will be spread all over the world but it cannot be said to be omnipresent because AI will not be able to penetrate into material and conscious objects. AI will be able to perform miracles with vast knowledge of physics, chemistry but those miracles will not be technology. Arthur C. Clark said that every new technology seems miraculous at first. AI will do everything that humans cannot do, but AI will not be able to do what God can do. It will become God-like need but cannot become God. But the question is not of God, but of man. Man is always running to worship. Be it a man more capable than himself, a natural factor, a deity, man has started worshiping him. Therefore, even if that eye cannot be God, it is certain that man will have started worshiping it. It is equally certain that AI will be preaching to humans. But it will not happen that the religions of AI will be running and the ancient religions will have been destroyed. There will be cults inspired by AI but old religions will survive. It is certain that AI will challenge God but it is not certain that it will be able to surpass God. In fact, AI is a challenge not against man but against God. AI has the power to defeat humans, but it does not have the power to understand God. That which is understood is not God. God is careless. It is said in the Bhagavad Gita and being unthinkable, God will always remain beyond the reach of both man and AI. God will remain an enigma to AI as it is becoming an enigma to man. You are a henchman. God is an unsolved riddle, not solved, not possible.




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