A 35-year-old man married a 70-year-old grandmother, netizens said

Updated: Sep 21st, 2023

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Islamabad, dt. 21 September 2023 Thursday

A 35-year-old man from Pakistan has fallen in love with a 70-year-old grandmother from Canada. The love blossomed to such an extent that both of them decided to get married and live life together. The bride’s name is Naeem Shahjad while the 70-year-old Canadian bride’s name is Mary. However, people do not believe about the love and marriage of these two. Netizens believe that Naeem has done this to get a visa, but both have denied this.

The love between 35-year-old Naeem Shahjad and Mary started through the social media site Facebook, gradually the love grew and finally both decided to get married.

Love started in 2012

Naeem said that in the year 2012, both of them met on the social media platform Facebook. In the year 2015, Mary proposed to Naeem for marriage and in the year 2017, both of them got married. However, the two could not stay together in Canada due to visa issues. Mary recently traveled to Pakistan and stayed with him for 6 months.

Naeem received financial and emotional support

Before Naim met Mary, he was suffering from depression but Mary supported him financially as well as emotionally. Naeem reveals that Mary is not very rich, she lives on pension.

No matter the age difference

People alleged that Naeem married Mary to go to Canada and for the lure of rupees but Naeem denied all the allegations saying that he doesn’t care about such talk. Naeem reveals that Mary supported me when I was depressed and short of rupees, which made me fall in love with her.

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