67666 was seen in the new week with Sensex closing above 66966

Mumbai: The world has again come under great geopolitical tension. As a result of the Ukraine-Russia war, many countries that have been facing inflation-inflation for a long time have not been able to come out of this problem due to the disruption of the supply situation, now the tension between the Western countries and the Gulf countries has increased again with Hamas starting a war by carrying out terrorist attacks in Israel. The increased possibility of this war spreading to other countries in the Middle East has shaken sentiment in global markets. China, on the other hand, is in a state of uncertainty due to internal problems with the ongoing economic crisis. Crude oil prices rose by four percent at the end of the week in global markets, with the price of Brent reaching the $91 level again. Estimates of global supply cuts after the US imposed sanctions on tanker owners to bully Russia further fueled prices. The Israel-Hamas conflict threatens to trigger a global Great Depression along with a major crisis on the economic front. The sharp rise in international crude oil prices over the weekend on fears of a Middle East war and consequent supply disruption in the coming days and the possibility of crude oil prices crossing the $100 mark could turn dire for most import-dependent countries, including India, market index-based It has been turbulent. Jamie Dimon, the CEO of global giant JP Morgan, has also predicted that this could be the most dangerous time for the world in decades. So, amidst the uncertainty, the global markets can see fluctuating movements.

Crude Prices, HDFC Bank, L&T Techno., Wipro, ITC, Nestlé India, Bajaj Auto Results Watch

The corporate results season for July to September 2023 quarter has started with the results of TCS, Infosys, HCL Technologies. The outlook, with IT companies reporting modest to weak results, cut revenue growth estimates for the full year, signaling a challenging time ahead. So this time the results season will still show stock specific volatility in the market. In the next week, HDFC Bank Ltd results on October 15, Bajaj Finance and L&T Technology Services on October 17, Wipro, Bajaj Auto, Indus Bank on October 18, 2023 and Hindustan Unilever, ITC on October 19, 2023 Ltd., Nestlé India, UltraTech Cement will be watching for the announced results. In the coming week, the market will be watching crude prices as well as fluctuations in the value of the US dollar against the rupee. 2011 can be seen in the context of geopolitical tension, company results, crude prices, fluctuations in the value of the rupee against the US dollar in the next week with the Sensex closing above 66966 at the support level of 65611 at 67666 and the Nifty spot closing at 19966 at the support of 19544.


BSE only (523160), Rs.5 paid-up, ISO 9001 : 2005 Certified, MORGANITE CRUCIBLE (INDIA) LIMITED UK. The company operating as a division of the multinational Moghern Advanced Materials Plc. is active in the manufacturing and sales of crucibles and allied refractory products. The company is a reputed manufacturer of high performance crucibles, foundry consumables and allied refractory products offering silicon carbide crucibles, clay graphite crucibles and crucibles carbon and graphite accessories. The company was earlier known as Greaves Morganite Crucibles Limited and was renamed to Morganite Crucibles India Limited in August 2016. The company is based in Aurangabad, India. UK The company, part of the Molten Metal Systems (MMS) division operating as a division of Group Morgan Advanced Materials Plc., offers melting solutions to foundries, diecasters and metal-melting facilities covering zinc, precious metals, aluminum, copper, brass and other non-ferrous metals. doing. The company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, strong parent support, technical expertise, skilled human resources and domain knowledge have made Morgan a strong brand, currently commanding a 40 percent market share in the industry.

With over 150 years of existence, Morganite Crucible India Limited has developed products and solutions through the integration of advanced materials, science and engineering. The company’s range of world-class crucibles and ceramic products along with melting and metal-casting solutions cater to the needs and demands of diverse industries such as aerospace to electronics, power to petrochemicals and mining to medicine and military. The company’s products include crucibles, foundry products, furniture industries products and ferrous products.

Major Clients: The list of major clients of the company includes Tata Group, Hindustan Pencil, Indian Railways, Jindal Shaw, Titan Company Limited, Sundaram Clayton Group, Mahindra CIE and Bajaj Auto.

Share holding pattern: Morganite Crucible holds 38.50 percent and Morgan Terrassen B. V. The total holding is 75 percent held by the promoters together with 36.50 percent. While individual shareholders up to Rs.2 lakh have 19.88 percent.

Dividend: 160 percent in March 2020, 840 percent in March 2021, 420 percent in March 2022 and 220 percent in March 2023.

Book Value: Rs.192.50 in March 2020, Rs.183 in March 2021, Rs.219 in March 2022, Rs.227 in March 2023, Expected Rs.288 in March 2024

Financial Results:

(1) Full year April 2021 to March 2022 : Earning a net income of Rs.181.31 crore, NPM-net profit margin of 22.22 percent, net profit of Rs.40.29 crore, Earnings per share – EPS of Rs.71.95 ( (excluding extraordinary other profit of Rs.3.10 crore).

(2) Full year April 2022 to March 2023 : Earned net income of Rs.159.42 crore, NPM-Net profit margin of 10.15 percent, recorded net profit of Rs.16.11 crore, Earnings per share- EPS of Rs.28.78 did

(3) First quarter April 2023 to June 2023 : Net income increased by 5.83 percent to Rs.43.83 crore from NPM of 17.80 percent, net profit increased by 80 percent to Rs.7.80 crore and quarterly earnings per share – EPS of Rs. .13.94 achieved.

(4) Expected full year April 2023 to March 2024 : Expected net income of Rs.169 crore, net profit of Rs.33.80 crore at NPM-net profit margin of 20 percent and earnings per share-EPS of Rs.60.35 expected.

Thus (1) The author has no investment in the shares of the above company. Authors may have direct or indirect personal vested interests in research sources. CONSULT A QUALIFIED INVESTMENT FINANCIAL ADVISOR BEFORE MAKING ANY INVESTMENT DECISION. The author, Gujarat Samachar or any other person shall not be liable for any possible loss on investment.(2) Morganite Crucible owns 38.50 percent and Morgan Terrassen B. V. (3) Multinational U.K. with a total holding of 75% held by the promoters together with 36.50%. A company operating as a division of Moghern Advanced Materials Plc., a company active in the manufacturing and sales of crucibles and allied refractory products (4) In the first quarter of April 2023 to June 2023, the net profit rose by 80 percent to Rs.7.80 crore and the quarterly income per share was Rs. 13.94 Achiever (5) Expected Full Year April 2023 to March 2024 Expected Earnings per Share-EPS Rs.60.35 and Expected Book Value Rs.288 against Rs.5 paid-up Share Rs.1367.45 on BSE only The price has a P/E of 22.66 against an industry average P/E of Rs.53.

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