4 color passports in India, white is the most powerful, orange passport for upto class 10, know all details

There are different types of passports that have special or no benefits

Find out what the benefits of your passport are

Updated: Oct 13th, 2023

Types of Indian Passport: Passport is the most important document for traveling abroad. But a passport is not just a document but an identity of the passport holder. According to the Passport Act of 1967 of the Ministry of External Affairs, four color passports have been issued. These different types have special or even no benefits. So today we will tell you about different passports and their benefits.

Blue passport

Blue color passport is issued for common man. This passport enables immigration and customs officials to distinguish between a common man and high-ranking Indian government officials. This passport makes clear to the foreign authority the distance between the government official and the general public. This is called a Type-P passport where P stands for Personal.

White passport

A white color passport is one of the most powerful passports. These passports are issued to government officials. Consists of members of the Indian Armed Forces serving abroad. Those traveling abroad for official work are also white passport holders. While this passport provides identification as a government official to immigration and customs officials. They are getting proper services. The White Passport comes in Type-S, which stands for Service.

Red passport

Red passports are issued to Indian diplomats, members of parliament, members of the Union Cabinet, high government officials like IAS-IPS. These types of passports prove helpful to officers on foreign tours. They can easily get any facilities abroad because of this passport. Also such a diplomatic passport holder can get immigration easily and faster than common people. Red passport is known as Type-D passport which means Diplomatic.

Orange passport

Orange passport was issued to Indian citizens from 2018 onwards. This passport looks very different from other passports. The orange color is there to identify people who have not studied beyond standard 10th. of regular passport in which the details given on the last page will not be found. These people who are not educationally qualified fall under the ECR (Immigration Check Required) category.

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