10 cases each of Dengue and Chikungunya 10 cases each of Dengue and Chikungunya

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  • Dengue-Chikungunya cases in the city will increase for another two weeks after which it will decrease

During the mosquito-borne disease season, Rajkot city usually reports the highest number of cases of dengue followed by malaria and very few cases of chikungunya. However, this time chikungunya cases are coming as much as dengue. When the health officer was questioned about the situation that Chikungunya will worsen this time, he said that the cases have increased due to the fact that now the Manpa is conducting tests from the front.

Health Officer Dr. Jayesh Vankani has said, ‘One WhatsApp group has been created per ward. This group covers maximum General Practitioners of the Ward. All these said that any patient who comes there with fever along with joint pain problem or suspected mosquito borne disease should be given details immediately. Based on the details, first of all, the staff goes to the patient’s house and conducts anti-larva activity.

After seeing the condition of the patient, if symptoms are observed, a sample is taken for chikungunya test. Thus the number of cases using passive surveillance has increased. The only reason behind doing this is to prevent disease clustering. That is, if a case does not come out in an area, more than one case may come out, so efforts are being made to prevent that.’ About the situation of mosquito-borne disease in Rajkot, the health department said that the cases are still increasing. The cases will increase till the second week of October, after which the cases will start decreasing gradually.

Epidemic situation in the city

the disease 18 to 24-9 From 1st Jan till now
Malaria 2 24
Dengue 10 85
Chikungunya 10 36
Cold-cough 516 12865
General fever 49 1581
Diarrhea-vomiting 146 4426
Typhoid 0 5
Jaundice 0 0
Dysentery 0 0


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